Gregg's exit meeting with Joe Kowalewski

Hayim: You were able to carve a bigger niche for yourself at the end of the season. How were you able to do that?

Joe K: I just try to work hard and learn everything they want me to do. I just compete every day; there are a lot of good tight ends here and pretty good competition. We're all getting worked in there so I just try to fight the competition and do the best I can.

Hayim: This is going to be your third off-season working here with the Jets. What can you do from a mental stand point to learn the offense that you couldn't do in the years past being as you were a little bit newer to the system?

Joe K: Now you can really hone in on what each play is trying to accomplish. And really understand where the fits are and what the other positions are doing. You try to learn that stuff when you first come in, but it's kind of an overload almost. But the more you play and the more you see of each concept, you start learning more and more and understand how to get open on certain routes and understanding certain defenses. It's going to be fun heading into next season, a lot of fun.

Hayim: Your role from a pass catching stand point has increased a bit as well, have you done anything in particular to work on the routes and pass-catching in general?

Joe K: Here with the mini-camps, pre-season and all the off-season stuff, I feel like I have gotten a lot better at running routes. Being around Bake and guys like LC and Jericho, just watching them run routes…Kellen and Chad helping you out, it's just been everyone that's helped me out a lot. It's something that I want to keep getting better and better at. I feel like running good routes and catching the ball is something that can separate you from other players and elevates your game. It makes you a weapon and it's a good way to get noticed and respected around the National Football League.

Hayim: The run blocking is the major role of the tight-ends on this team. How do you feel you have evolved in this regard and how comfortable are you with the role?

Joe K: Now that's something that I have to keep working at. It's different when you're in the line or in the backfield, its two totally different things. So that's something that I definitely want to work on during the off-season a lot.

Hayim: Given the job you have done this season, do you think next seasons training camp will be a bit different of an experience? Are you more confident?

Hayim: I'm definitely more confident in my personal game, but as far as making this team, it's going be another uphill battle I think. Free-agency, the draft, and we're pretty deep at tight-end. We really don't know who is going to come in here. There's a bunch of good guys in here now. So, it's a war to make this team and I know it's going to be a battle and it's going to be tough. We're trying to win next year, that's number one. I'm sure this organization is going to try to win at all costs, so everyone's job is on the line and we just have to focus on what we have to do and get better.

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