Jets still need a pass rushing OLB

Anyone who thinks the signing of linebacker Calvin Pace precludes the Jets from picking a pass rusher high in the draft, think again. One former Cardinal teammate gives us the lowdown on Pace's pass rushing skills.

Pace, who had 6.5 sacks last year for the Arizona Cardinals, isn't going to save the Jets pedestrian pass rush. Anybody who thinks the Jets are getting Shawne Merriman or DeMarcus Ware is kidding themselves.

Here is how a former teammate of Pace's in Arizona accesses his pass rushing skills, in the next issue of Jets Confidential.

"I keep hearing this pass rush thing and I don't get it," said the unnamed teammate. "He is an okay pass rusher. He is more of a well-rounded football player. He does not have an arsenal of moves in terms of a pass rush. Going against running backs and tight ends, that will be a good match-up for the Jets. But he is not going to be a great mismatch for any tackle that he will face. He is in no way an elite pass rusher....that is not what his game is based on."

So don't be shocked if the Jets still pick Ohio State's Vernon Gholston with the sixth pick of the draft.

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