A conversation with Cliff Avril

Q)You played defensive end at Purdue, but have a lot of teams talked to you about playing 3-4 OLB?

Avril: A [few] of teams have talked to me about the 3-4. I feel comfortable just for the fact that I've played both.

Q)Which 3-4 teams talked to you?

Avril: Basically all of the ones that play the 3-4.

Q)Do you prefer to play end or linebacker?

Avril: I like both. I like getting after the quarterback and I wouldn't mind dropping into coverage.

Q)What advice has Anthony Spencer (Dallas Cowboys) given you?

Avril: I speak to Spence a lot. He just told that now it's time to buckle down. He just told me that you have to stay focus.

Q)A lot of Purdue defensive ends have have turned into solid 3-4 outside linebackers on the next level . . .

Avril: Most definitely. The only difference between me and those guys is that I played linebacker before so I feel like I have that step at least ahead of them.

I feel like I'll be able to do the same thing they're doing.

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