Q-and-A with 3-4 OLB Shawn Crable

The Jets are in dire need of a pass rushing outside linebacker, and Michigan's Shawn Crable (6-4, 245) would make a nice addition, in perhaps Round Three. Here is a conversation with the Ohio-native.

Q)Some people see you as a linebacker and others see you as a defensive end . . .

Crable: I think that's a bonus for me, I can play both positions. I'm kind of excited about it.

Q)Do you have a preference of what you'd like to play?

Crable: I really don't. I think I'm pretty good at both positions and I think the team that drafts me will let me know what they want me to do and then I'll focus on just one of them.

Q)Some critics say one of your weakness is being about to turn and run and change of direction. Do you have to prove that at this level?

Crable: Yeah, I have a lot (to prove). I've got to read coverages and prove how smart I am and things like that. The biggest thing is people seeing me playing a lot of defensive end and rushing a lot so I see where their concerns come from. I think I can do it.

Q)It's believed that teams that run the 3-4 will be more interested in you than 4-3 teams. Does that bother you?

Crable: Not at all. I can do both and I think if you train me to do something, I catch on pretty well. It doesn't bother me where I'm at.

Q)How do you explain all the tackles for loss (28.5 last season)?

Crable: We had a couple of good calls in there. I think my teammates did well in closing gaps and things like that. I think that contributed to a lot of it.

Q)What does it mean to be a captain at Michigan?

Crable: Leadership. The biggest difference is that you couldn't ask things of other people that you weren't planning on doing every day. You had to show people by example. If you're asking them to run to the ball, you've got to run to the ball every time you're on film. I think that was the biggest change from being captain.

Q)What led to your breakout year last season?

Crable: In the past years, I really didn't play. I wasn't a starter or an every-down guy. I was a second-and-long or third-and-long situational guy. The biggest difference this year is that I was out there. If we played 89 snaps, I was out there for 89 snaps. That was the biggest difference.

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