James Hardy - a player the Jets need

Here is a conversation with Indiana receiver James Hardy, the type of big wideout the Jets so desperately need.

Q)How fast are you?

Hardy: I'm very fast.

Q)Any receiver in the NFL that you liken yourself to?

Hardy: Not really for the most part. I try to look at any receiver that's doing good at the next level and take some of the things they do and put it into my game so I can be an overall good receiver. I look at T.O. and his ability and strength. Of course, Randy Moss and Plaxico Burress. I just try (to take something) from everyone's game and just try to formulate the best possible player I can be.

Q)What are your strengths and what do you need to work on?

Hardy: I'd definitely say my strength is my ability to go up and use my body to get the ball. My hands. I feel my speed, and especially at this next level that's something I'm going to have to work on because everyone is fast. Yards after the catch and blocking . . . I want to be the best. I criticize myself from every different angle each and every day.

Q)Where do you fit in the wide receiver class?

Hardy: I feel I am the best receiver in this class. Now I just have to make everyone else feel that way.

Q)People who don't know you might be worried about your character. How do you convince them you're OK?

Hardy: As a young man I never had no one to actually sit me down and tell me things I've done wrong, so I've learned from my mistakes. I can honestly tell you as a man right here that I've made mistakes in the past and I've learned from them and they won't happen again. That's all I can do and just show them the actual person that I am. I can't worry about the past. I just look forward to the future.

Q)Are teams asking you about your character a lot in interviews?

Hardy: I have nothing to hide. I've never had nothing to hide. The truth will come out regardless. I'm a truthful, loyal type of person and if I made mistakes, I admit them and move forward.

Q)What teams have shown the most interest?

Hardy: There have been a lot of teams calling my coaches and saying good things about me. Tennessee, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, the Bills, the Jets.

Q)How is your height a big advantage?

Hardy: I actually went to college for basketball and switched over. I really took the mentality from basketball and took it over to the football field and my ability took over.

Q)Why did you ultimately chose football over basketball?

Hardy: I always thought I was better in basketball, but I just look at my potential in football now. It's much greater than it was in basketball. Basketball is history.

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