Rich McKay's report on competitive balance

Here is Competition Committee member Rich McKay with a numerical look at the NFL's competive balance -

"Competive balance is something that we as a League take great pride in and believe should be an object of ours," said McKay, "This year, I think with a fifth seed in the Playoffs, again, winning the Super Bowl, and the sixth seed having won it two years ago shows that competitively we are a very balanced League.

"The interesting thing this year was in the AFC, NFC head-to-head game, the final result was 32 for the AFC, 32 for the NFC which, again, shows good balance. We're happy with respect to the competitive balance side of the game.

"Statistically, this year, plays per game were up to 153.1. Points per game were up to 43.4, that's the highest since 1983 for points per game. Yards per game up to 650.4, that's the tenth highest in our history. And passing yards per game were 428, which is the second highest in our history.

"Touchdowns per game were up to 4.85. Penalties per game were down again to 13.45. And then the average length of game is down to 3:02:59, which for us is a very low level over the last ten years and especially a low level since we reinstituted instant replay."

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