Moss Becoming a Weapon

The Jets are very pleased with the progress WR Santana Moss has shown over the last few weeks, particularly in the special teams department.

In addition to becoming a more dangerous third receiver, Moss has returned a punt for a touchdown in each of the last two games. Since the Cleveland game, when he went back to being the full-time punt returner, Moss has shown his speed and athletic ability, and has been a tremendous boost to the Jets' special teams. Herman Edwards recognizes Moss' talent, but also credits special teams coach Mike Westhoff.


"I think a lot of that, it goes a long with what Mike [Westhoff] tried to do with him and the players that are blocking for him," said Edwards. "We know if we can get him in some space, if he can have five or six yards in front of him when he catches the ball and we've got a wall to the right and he can make that first guy miss and get to the wall, he's going to run for a while. Guys enjoy blocking for a guy like that."


The Jets were pleased to get a win, but understood that it was only one, and they still have a long way to go.


"Who are we kidding, I mean a lot of things went our way," admitted Edwards. "They probably didn't play at their best. They are coming off the bye, that doesn't help either. Byes re hard to come off for some teams and we were fortunate to be hitting on all cylinders."


The Jets had another field goal blocked last weekend, making it two weeks in a row. In the Cleveland game, Hall's kick was low, but last weekend the Chargers got a good push against the Jets' offensive line and got a hand on the ball. This is an area the team must work on and tighten up before hosting Miami this Sunday night.


One of the positives Edwards took from last week's win was the fact that the Jets were able to sustain a halftime lead. Edwards told the players at halftime to be prepared for adversity, and warned the defense of a no-huddle offense they might see from the Chargers. The defense came through, yielding just six points, while the offense kept applying the pressure, scoring another 13 points.


Rookie G Jonathan Goodwin played almost the entire second half against the Chargers, and could push G J.P. Machado for his starting job any week now. There could be an interesting situation developing at the left guard spot, with Dave Szott shooting for a late November return.


LB Khary Campbell sprained his left foot during the Charger game. There are no other injuries to report.

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