Jets could use another 3-4 end

The Jets are in dire need of another starting quality 3-4 end. Kenyon Coleman is best suited for backup duty. Here is a chat with the draft's best 3-4 end prospect, who could be the next Richard Seymour.

Q)You played mainly in a 4-3 in college, but a lot of teams see you as a 3-4 end in the NFL. How comfortable do you think you would be in a 3-4?

Kentwan Balmer: We had a package this year where I played the 4 technique. So it's nothing new. It would be nothing new.

Q)So you played a 3-4 end type role last year . . .

Balmer: We played some 3-4 last year in some packages. It wouldn't be a big transition for me if I were in a 4 technique or a 3 technique. It's all the same. You just focus on your technique and go out there and execute.

Q)Who would you compare yourself to as a player?

Balmer: If I was gonna be compared to anybody, I'd want to be compared to Richard Seymour. He's a very versatile player. He plays hard. He plays with passion.

Q)How much did Butch Davis help you last year, his first at UNC?

Balmer: Coach Davis and his staff helped me elevate my game. I look for big things out of North Carolina in the future because I know what type of coaches they are.

Q)Butch and his staff has a lot of NFL experience. How much will that help you on the next level?

Balmer: This past year, our whole staff was filled with NFL coaches and coordinators. They really brought a different type of attitude to the team and they instilled a different type of mentality in me.

Q)You come from a small rural town in North Carolina. How tough was the transition to a big university?

Balmer: It was a bit overwhelming (making the transition to a big university). But we had a program that I was in that first summer called Bridge where small-town people like myself were there. They helped you make the transition. It really helped me out, because Carolina was like night and day from where I was from. It could have been overwhelming. But thanks to that program, I thought I handled it pretty well.

Q)When you first got to UNC, some people expected you to be the next Julius Peppers. How tough was that on you?

Balmer: At first, it was. I had to find my own identity. There's only one Julius Peppers. He's a great player. A freakish athlete. He is who he is and I am who I am. I'm Kentwan Balmer and I'm content with that.

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