Now the non-story gets National coverage

The media-created story about the job security of Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum has now made it to the front page of

"When the Jets threw more than $140 million at free agents this offseason, their expectations seemed clear: Another four-win season, as they had in 2007, would be intolerable," wrote the news service. "Yet the front office has made it clear it has no intention of operating under a win-now mentality in 2008 after owner Woody Johnson said Sunday coach Eric Mangini and general manager Mike Tannenbaum would "absolutely" keep their jobs for 2009 regardless of how the coming season pans out."

Mangini and Tannenbaum aren't anywhere near thin ice, and the results in 2008 won't change that. Johnson wants long-term stability, and intends on giving Tangini plenty of time to establish an elite, consistent program.

This story is an example of pure media speculation turning into a legitimate story line, which is somewhat irresponsible.

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