If McFadden slips to 6, will Jones call Jets?

Dallas owner Jerry Jones said he's unlikely to trade up very high for Arkansas RB Darren McFadden. But there is a caveat in the comment he made about the subject that could apply to the Jets.

"I have no intent at all of moving into the top five," Jones said, "Nobody wants in there, and the teams in there, they want out. This is a very tough draft anyway when it comes to evaluating the talent, and then trying to match up that with the millions it takes to operate at the top of the draft."

But the Jets pick six, so if McFadden slips there, is it possible the Jets and Jones could do business?

Not only does Jones have two first round picks to dangle, but a surplus of Front Seven 3-4 player.

So don't rule out Jones talking to the Jets at six if McFadden slips that far.

But then again, the Jets might want to pick McFadden themselves.

However, considering the Jets still need to add a big receiver, pass rusher and #2 cornerback, getting a few extra draft picks could be helpful to them.

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