Commish lobbying teams to pick character

Palm Beach - We all know how much the Jets love picking players with great character. Well, in the 2008 draft, they are going to have a lot of competition for those kind of players.

According to an NFL source, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, in a meeting with team officals on Tuesday, urged clubs to take players with bad character off their draft boards. In essence, he advised them to stop taking chances on bad actors, no matter how talented they are.

And according to the source, Goodell told the team officials that he is thinking of penalizing teams (docking them draft picks) for selecting players with bad character, who then get in trouble on the NFL level.

It seems like Goodell is tired of the league office having to clean up the messes created by the irresponsible drafting of teams with a character-be-damned approach on their draft boards.

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