A conversation with a QB prospect Jets like

The Jets recently had an extensive meeting with Louisville QB Brian Brohm. Here is a chat with the Cardinal signal-caller who the Jets really like.

Q)Some people think you hurt your draft stock coming back for your senior year . . .

Brohm: My season didn't go as well as expected, but I feel like I learned a lot from that. It was very valuable. And I wouldn't go back and change a thing.

Q)Do you think you are the best quarterback in the draft?

Brohm: That's a tough question. If you're going to ask me, I'm going say it's me. There are a lot of opinions out there. I can't worry about the other guys.

Q)What did you learn from playing the extra year at Louisville?

Brohm: Dealing with adversity. I went through a lot of struggling times, dealing with a coaching change. I learned how to operate in a new system and learn a new system quickly and be pretty successful and comfortable in that system. Just dealing with those struggles that I hadn't had to deal with before. I've been on successful teams my whole career. I never had to go through a tough season like that, so just going through those struggles is something that, at one point in time, whether you like it or not, it's going to happen in the NFL. You're going to have a struggling season. Just being able to deal with that and know how to deal with it in the correct way will help me out in the future.

Q)How much of a help has your older brother Jeff been to you as a former NFL QB?

Brohm: He's been great to me. He's a guy who played in the league for seven years, was teaching me the NFL thing since I was 8, 9 years old, was my position coach in college. So he's had a huge influence on me. It's just great to have that kind of experience in your own family.

He's been trying to groom me to be an NFL quarterback, go through those types of drills and NFL-type reads. We've been discussing this stuff since I was in high school. It's a huge advantage for me. And it was a huge advantage for me going through college.

Q)You don't seem to be that vocal - do you lead more by example?

Brohm: I'll say I'm more of a lead-by-example type guy. I'm a guy who likes to grind, who likes to get in the weight room, likes to get on the field and work hard. I think it wears off on the other guys, when they see a quarterback working harder than everybody else, they're going to go out there and work hard as well. You don't want to see anyone getting special treatment, taking it easy when you're the quarterback. I just go out there and work hard, put it all on the line. Hopefully guys are going to follow.

Q)Do you need to be more vocal in the NFL?

Brohm: It's something, as a quarterback, you do have to be vocal. You're expected to be the leader. No matter if the situation is you're a young guy or not. You're expected to be the leader. You're the quarterback, and that's your role. You're definitely going to have to speak up.

Q)Did you think about pursuing a pro baseball career?

Brohm: No, it wasn't really a strong consideration. I was a 49th-round draft pick. I loved the game of baseball. I loved playing baseball. Even they kind of knew that 'he's probably going to play football.' I really didn't consider it much. I maybe kind of thought about maybe trying to play both. I figured I might as well play football and just put all my efforts into that.

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