5 Questions with Josh Evans

The defensive tackle talks about his dislike for the Dolphins, the Jets' upcoming match-up.

Q: Does that bad taste in your mouth from the last game with them make you want to beat them even more?


Evans: We definitely want to win. Plus, it's considered one of the good rivalries in the NFL. For me it has a little extra to it, and I think everybody else feels the same way [even though] they might not say it.


Q: It means extra to you because of the things that went on last time?


Evans: I really just don't like the Dolphins.


Q: You live down there [in Florida] right?


Evans: Yeah, and I have to hear it all year long. : How bad they beat us. When I was with Tennessee we never beat them. They always rubbed it in my face that they gave it to us, stuff like that. I'm not friendly with none of them. Jamie Nails is cool, but when we go at it on the field, you would never know.


Q: Was there one comment from the last game when they were beating you guys up that sticks in your mind?


Evans: In the third or fourth quarter we were jawing at each other and one of them was like, "look at the score, we're going to run it down your throat." And they did. They kicked our ass and made us like it. I really do think about that.


Q: Have you shared your thoughts with your teammates about how you feel about Miami?


Evans: They know. There's really no need to talk about it, and I'm probably talking too much about it now. They're going to get to their bulletin board and get hyped about it, but that don't matter because I'm hyped everyday.







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