Kiper on Dorsey, Gholston and Ryan

Q)Did Matt Ryan help himself with his individual workout?

Kiper: You make your determination on a quarterback during the year. What type of season he had, the physical attributes he brings to the position and other intangibles he brings. There's not much you're going to do during a workout to change the opinion of an NFL team. Peyton Manning did not have a great individual workout but he was still the first overall pick and now he's a Hall of Fame quarterback. Most individual workouts are outstanding. They're not many players that don't nail an individual workout.

Q)What do you think of Ryan as a prospect?

Kiper: What he did against Virginia Tech, that throw he made to win that football game, and elevating a team that didn't have great talent around him … He's very similar in the way he goes about his business to an Eli Manning, a Ben Roethlisberger and a Phillip Rivers. Those three quarterbacks, that particular year, if he had been blended into those, there are a lot of similarities. And two of those quarterbacks have already won Super Bowls. I think that's why he's the No. 1 quarterback … where he ends up right now is anyone's guess. At worst, he'll go eight to Baltimore and the other teams would be Miami, Atlanta and Kansas City.

Q)What do you think of Vernon Gholston?

Kiper: Let's start with Gohlston -- top 10 is pushing it. He's even higher than that. I'd say top seven at worst. He's going to be considered by the St. Louis Rams … and then draw consideration form the New York Jets. I think that's the key pick to see what they (Jets) do. Do they take Darren McFadden if he's there or Vernon Gohlston? …The lowest he falls is seven to New England.

Q)What might the Miami Dolphins do with first pick?

Kiper: Jake Long could go as a left tackle, but could be awesome as both a left or right tackle. If you look at Bill Parcells' linemen, he had a former Michigan Wolverine by the name of Jumbo Elliot – wasn't first round. He was second round. Jake Long will be in the mix as well as Chris Long or Matt Ryan. The key for Matt Ryan is how they like John Beck. …If you don't take Matt Ryan as quarterback, then you don't take another quarterback. Why take a quarterback when you've got John Beck who was a second round pick last year?

Q)What are your thoughts on Glenn Dorsey?

Kiper: He's one of the best players in the draft, if not the best. He's got great ability. Physical, tough, productive, disruptive, everything you want a defensive tackle to be in addition to great passion for the game. Great character and work ethic and played through injury. … He got out there when a lot of guys would have been in street clothes watching. If you're St. Louis or Atlanta, you jump at the opportunity to bring Glenn Dorsey into the fold. If he doesn't go two, he goes three. … The pivotal thing is what does Miami do?"

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