Kiper on Chris Long and tight ends

Q)Mel, what do you think of Virginia prospects Chris Long and Brandon Albert?

Kiper: Long has done everything the right way. He's set himself up to be the first pick overall and at worst the second pick overall. He'll be one of the first two picks out of the draft which is extraordinary.

As for Albert, people think left tackle. I'm not positive on that. He's great at getting to that second level, at hitting a moving target. He's a tremendous athletic guard. Obviously, at his size, you'd think he'd be a left tackle. I think he needs some work at that spot before he can contribute at the Pro level. I think he's a year or two away…that's a question. … I can't push him up too far. I think he'll be somewhere as high as 13 but probably in the 20s.

Q)Is there a quarterback in the draft who you think might have to change positions?

Kiper: There have been a lot of those players that change from the quarterback position to wide receiver. This year, I don't see that happening. There's nobody that jumps out at you right now. San Diego's Josh Johnson – he's a quarterback – he'll get an opportunity. He needs tweaking of mechanics, but his athleticism, and post-season all-star game showed his strengths. I see him as a developmental quarterback as high as third or fourth round.

Q)How much has the tight end position changed in the last 15 years?

Kiper: It's changed immensely. The old adage was that if you couldn't block as a tight end, you couldn't play. … Now, it's to the point that if you can't catch, you can't play. The majority are glorified wide receivers. They're flexed out, not in line anymore. They're in motion, moving around getting matchup advantages. … That's why Dustin Keller's so attractive, Jacob Tamme from Kentucky and Gary Barnidge from Louisville. Pass-catching tight ends are front and center right now. Blocking is almost secondary.

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