"Chad brings home a 96.6"

QB Chad Pennington currently has a 96.6 Quarterback Rating, which makes him the third best QB in the entire NFL. He's behind Oakland Raiders QB Rich Gannon (96.7) who is second in the league, and Gannon is behind the man who has a 102.0 QB rating, Green Bay Packers QB, Brett Farve. Already, the man known as "Franchise" in the Locker room for the NY Jets has caused quite a stir in the handful of games he's started for the Team.

Many have even started to say that we may very well have the Joe Namath of our generation underneath the number 10.


Honestly, Chad Pennington brings a whole new type of energy, leadership, and charisma to the Jets. His enthusiasm for every game just makes me sit in awe watching him read defenses and just deliver the ball with such authority, he nails them like targets, right on the bullseye! Did you all see his touchdown run against the San Diego Chargers last week? That showed leadership to me because instead of trying to force something (and possibly cause a turnover in the red zone), he just took the ball and ran it in himself. Pennington's charisma in how he enters the tunnel at the start of a game, to everything he does on the sidelines cheering on EVERY Player on the team among other things, those are the makings of a levelheaded, high quality, very classy guy. He finally gets his shot and he steps up to the plate rather well, he's not nervous and he's not "over-thinking" anything. He's just playing football the way he's been wanting to play since he was a little kid. I mean wow, when I first found out he was officially the third ranked QB with the highest QB Rating, I was AMAZED! He deserves it, it goes to show, whether the Jets are winning or losing in a game, he's always focused on the task at hand. I admire that about him.


That Jets/Chargers game proved to me, that even with their backs against the wall and everyone with a pen writing that they're done for the season, they played with emotion. You'd be pretty surprised what you can accomplish when emotions are involved. I can only imagine how ticked off the Team was, the Coaching Staff was, and even the Owner was at all the reports, columns, opinions, etc. that the Jets "quit". Boy do I hate that word, and I know I'm not alone in that category. Even though some of the games the Jets played were awful, I knew that they didn't give up. I knew they just played with all they had but just it didn't go their way, it didn't "click" if you know what I mean. That's fine though, it's something I know that is a big part of football. Even the best of the best eventually lose at some point and then some concern gets involved about the direction of the Team. The Jets are very much alive in the AFC East despite being in last place. We're already into November and statistics show that the teams that get hot during November, December, and right into the Playoffs, do well! The Jets starting off November the right way, and they're in that category. They just have to stay hot and be consistent. Who's to say the Jets won't win every game from here on in? I still believe in this team to make it into the Playoffs in the end.


It just goes to show, with the way the NFL is, you just never really know who's going to be consistent or who's going to just be horrible when it comes to every Sunday and Monday night. The Jets have a shot being a Playoff team just like a whole bunch of other teams. With their not so good record at Home (1-3), if the Jets can develop SOME kind of Home Field Advantage, it will definitely be a boost. You never know what our situation will be at the end, we may need a game or two to squeak into the Playoffs. We may get those games turned into victories at Home. Looking at the schedule, the Teams coming to take on the Jets at Home are the Miami Dolphins this week, then the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, and the last game of the Season for the Jets, against the Green Bay Packers. It won't be an easy task, but hey, everybody thought the Chargers would have their way with the Jets, and the Jets proved differently. All they have to do is take it a game at a time, and just play like they did against the Chargers and good things will come :-)


I sure am proud of the NY Jets, even with all the media hassling them everyday, they executed. They went to San Diego with a fire underneath that Jets logo and they burned the Chargers. With the words "quit" and "give up" being thrown around, I'm glad the Jets took that negativity and turned it into a bright light. A nice green bright light. Kudos to Coach Edwards for keeping it real and just never giving into temptation to say his team is down and out when really, they're just starting.

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