5 Questions with Terry Bradway

The Jets' GM spoke to the New York media about the report from ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Jet owner Woody Johnson asked some of his players to return their signing bonuses because of their poor play. He also commented on the newly installed grass at the Meadowlands.

Q: You said it was unfortunate that the story got out, but you meant that an incorrect story got out, not a correct one.


Bradway: Yeah right. Exactly. And he was man enough to step up and say I apologize. He spoke to Herm and he spoke to Woody. And Chris does a good job, he really does. He's reputable and it was just an unfortunate situation.


Q: So did you see the retraction he made on the air?


Bradway: Yeah. I felt good about what he said.


Q: Was that ludicrous on the face of it? Just hearing something like that. Has a GM ever tried that before?


Bradway: I've never seen or heard that anywhere, and that's not the way we would do business, I can guarantee you that.


Q: How's the new Meadowlands field?


Bradway: I hear it's great. The Giants said it played well and held up after the game and was good. We're expecting good traction Sunday night.


Q: Are you happy that the Giants kind of stamped it down for you a little bit first?


Bradway: Yeah. I was a little concerned being the first team to play on it, but apparently it's holding up. And they may have to do the whole field over again before the season's out. But apparently it played real well and didn't come up, and should be okay for us on Sunday.

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