A few minutes with Melly Mel . . .

JC: Is Jake Long a better right or left tackle prospect?

Kiper: His best position is right by far. There is no question it's right tackle. But that doesn't mean he can't play left tackle and can't play it well. He is going to be drafted to be a left tackle. You don't get drafted in the Top Six of the draft to be a right tackle. I'm sorry. There is no reason to pick a right tackle with a pick that high because you can find guys to play there. But a left tackle, you better take him early, you better take him in the Top Five or Top Eight. The great ones have always been the top guy.

JC)The Jets need a corner – six might be too high for this year's corners . . .

Kiper: To me, the only one who might go that high is Dominique Rogers-Cromartie of Tennessee State, who I have going seven to New England. But that is pushing him up. This is a guy who was considered a second round pick going into the Senior Bowl.

JC)If the Jets look to add a corner with their high second round pick, who will be there who they might look at?

Kiper: There will be a good one there like Tracy Porter from Indiana, who is also a great punt returner. Charles Godfrey from Iowa is a big guy and is considered a corner-safety prospect. He is a big guy, who will hit you. He's a good run support guy. He plays the ball in front of him well, but not the ball behind him. He doesn't play the deep ball that well. Justin King of Penn State and Brandon Flowers of Virginia Tech will likely be late first round picks, so they will probably be gone. A good Cover Two cornerback is Chevis Jackson of LSU.

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