Dave Wannstedt on the Jets

The Dolphins' head coach spoke to the New York media this week about Sunday night's big divisional game against the Jets.

What are your thoughts on the Jets and their newfound confidence?


"I think that in our players' minds, nothing there has really changed.  They are a very good football team, we know that we beat them in the first part of the season, but every week in the NFL is a new week.  Our players understand that and they will be a different team than what we played the first time and so will we.  The game will be different.  I really believe that, playing the Jets, it wouldn't make any difference if each team had one win or if each team had ten wins, you are talking about the Jets-Dolphins and it is always a big, exciting game.  That is what I expect, and they are coming off of a big win last week at San Diego, so that will give them some confidence.  And they should have confidence, they are doing a nice job.


Can you see a difference in their defensive play?


They are tackling better, I think.  They are not making many mistakes.  Ted Cottrell has done a good job of getting zeroed in on what he wants to do and what he feels they can do the best, and that is what they are doing.  It looks like they have gained a little bit of confidence doing it that way. 


What has Pennington brought to their offense?


He is not making many mistakes—I am very impressed with him.  He's got a lot stronger arm, I mean you see him make some throws under pressure that are very impressive.  You see him move around athletically a little better than people give him credit for.  Paul Hackett and the offensive coaches are doing a good job of not putting him in a lot of bad situations.  The plays that they are running, and the passes that they are throwing, they are being smart with them.  I think that is why he is the second leading passer in the ACF.  He is completing 70% of his passes.  That doesn't happen by accident in this league. 


Does he have a stronger arm than you had anticipated after coming out of the draft a few years ago?


I can't remember him that much coming out of the draft, to be honest with you.  We weren't really looking for a QB.  I didn't spend much time with him.  I don't know what he did coming out of college.  But I have been impressed with what I have seen on film this year.




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