5 Questions with Santana Moss

The Jets' wide receiver is quickly becoming a dangerous special teams player, and talks about returning punts.

Q: Are you expecting teams to punt away from you now?


Moss: Well, I can't say I expect it. I can sense that it might happen. Just knowing that if I were the coach of my special teams, I wouldn't want those types of big plays to hurt our chances of winning. Just knowing that in college it happened, and with what I've seen this year, I can pretty much go into the game and expect it. But at the same time I expect to go out there and carry out my assignment and try to make something happen.


Q: As much as you want the ball in your hands, is that good for the team if opponents start kicking it out of bounds?


Moss: I feel that can hurt you both ways because you might not get the kick that you want. You might kick it a little shorter when it goes out of bounds, and give us good field position. You can get hurt both ways. It might help you sometimes because you have some great punters out there that can really smack it, so I'm not going to say what would happen. But if they start doing that, we can't worry about it. We just have to take what they give us and go from there.


Q: When you sit back there waiting for a punt, do you try to visualize what's going to happen after you catch it? Or is it all instincts? How do you approach it?


Moss: To be honest with you, I don't think. My main goal is to try to catch the ball and get as clean a catch as I can get. If I don't have a clean catch, I have to fair catch it, so that's my whole goal. I don't even think about running with the ball until after I get it in my hands.


Q: What happens once you get it in your hands?


Moss: Once I get it in my hands, I'm looking for blockers. I'm trying to line up blockers. We have different returns, so if they call a left return, I'm looking on that left side for the first blocker. Once I see him make his block, I go from there.


Q: Now that you've gotten two touchdowns in a row, are you standing back there salivating to make a play?


Moss: My main focus is just to get 10 yards. Try to get one first down. Once you get that, you can't be dissatisfied. Your objective is to get 10 yards just so you can save one first down for the offense to get. If I do that, I'm not worried about nothing else.


Q: How much of a desire is there though to get a touchdown and make a big play?


Moss: You have a desire to try to make plays, but you can't just always worry about trying to score every time, because it's not going to be that way every time. These guys are coached well and are going to have the objective of stopping you, so you can't worry about it. You got to let it happen by instinct.

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