A rumor out of Baltimore

There are rumors emanating from the Baltimore Ravens complex about a potential Chad Pennington trade.

The rumor is based on the Jets picking Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan with the sixth pick of the first round.

If the Jets pick Ryan, according to the rumor, which can't be substantiated, the Jets would then trade Pennington to the Ravens.

What the Jets would get in return from the Ravens is unclear. Perhaps a second round pick.

It's no secret that the Jets are in love with the BC quarterback, and if he is available at six, there is a very good chance they would take him.

The only problem with this scenario is where it would leave the Jets in 2008. If the team had Kellen Clemens and Ryan as their top two quarterbacks, they would be very inexperienced at the position.

Clemens looked very raw during his starting stint in 2007, and Ryan would obviously be a rookie.

Considering how much money the Jets spent bringing in new players this off-season, it would stand to reason they wouldn't want a young, raw quarterback ruining their dreams for 2008. That is why many people have theorized that a seasoned veteran like Pennington is the best quarterback for the Jets in 2008.

But if the Jets make this trade, they would obviously be theorizing that Clemens is going to improve significantly in 2008, or Ryan has the potential to succeed as a rookie starter.

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