McFadden's character subject to debate

It's no secret the Jets love Arkansas RB Darren McFadden, but his off-the-field behavior might not fit into the core values they have set up.

From what we hear, the Jets have major concerns about the type of people McFadden associates himself with. McFadden comes from a rough part of Little Rock, and some people from the old neighborhood have been a bad influences on him.

Former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt (now at Ole Miss), who recruited McFadden to Fayetteville, feels the runner has to learn how to say "no" to people. He's too nice for his own good. Nutt also feels that "Run DMC" needs to get away from all the "hangers-on" in his life.

When you meet McFadden in person, he's a very friendly, "yes-sir, no-sir" kind of guy. And his football character has never been a question. He's a very hard worker, who loves looking at extra film.

And his talent is off-the-charts. The Jets know they need an offensive player who scares defenses, and McFadden is just that kind of guy with his 4.35 speed.

So the Jets need his on-the-field talent. Now, it's just a matter of them being convinced he can behave himself.

If they do draft him, you know Mike Tannenbaum is going to load the runners contract up with behavior clauses that protect the team. Just like he laced the Damien Woody and Kris Jenkins deals with conditioning clauses. Both of those players have battled weight issues in the past.

But remember one thing about all this McFadden and Matt Ryan talk. Both situations could be smokescreens to get teams to trade up to six, if either player is still on the board.

It's no secret that Dallas owner Jerry Jones loves McFadden, and wants a speed back to compliment Marion Barber. Remember, the Cowboys entered this draft with two major needs - a faster runner and a starting quality corner. They were expected to draft players at those positions with picks 22 and 28 in the first round. They have addressed their need for a starting corner with the addition of Pacman Jones on Wednesday. So they might not have to pick a corner in the first round (if they feel he will be reinstated before the season).

So this could tempt them to trade up to six to grab McFadden, who went to Jones' alma mater.

As for Ryan, Baltimore loves him and they pick eight. With the Jets showing a ton of interest in Ryan, they might be able to get the Ravens to move up two spots to get him. Another team that is interested in Ryan are the Carolina Panthers, who pick 13. They might want to trade up in front of Baltimore to grab Ryan.

But getting back to McFadden. If the Jets security chief Steve "Spygate" Yarnell checks off on the running back's character, there is a good chance the Jets will pull the trigger on him at six.

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