Gholston interview at the draft

Q)Where you getting nervous after not getting picked with the first five selections?

Gholston: No, this is a blessing to be here. There are only six guys here, and I'm one of six. I'm just proud to be selected.

Q)What did you think of some analysts saying you were a little overrated?

Gholston: Everyone has their opinion. All I can do is go out and do what I do. Other than that, I can't do nothing.

Q)What kind of immediate impact do you think you can make as a rush linebacker?

Gholston: It's something I've done in college. You know, I had some success there. Obviously, the NFL is a new level. Hopefully I will be successful.

Q)Coming out a huge program with big pressure like Ohio State - will that help you deal with New York and the next level?

Gholston: Yeah - it's the same thing. Expectations were high the last three years - in the National Championship. Not getting it done - the season was lost. I expect the same expectations here.

Q)What have Ohio State players in the NFL told you about the next level?

Gholston: It's a new level and it's your job. You've got to pick it up.

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