Grading the Jets-Dolphins game

After looking at the film from Sunday's win over the Dolphins we found...


 Chad Pennington was great at two-minute drills in college, and he once again proved how good he is in these situations. He led the Jets on an impressive 11-play, 84-yard drive to set up the winning field goal. This drive featured Pennington's best pass of the day, a 42-yard strike to Laveranues Coles down the middle in the fourth quarter.

The Jets came out throwing and Pennington hit Coles on his first two passes.

He had a perfect strike to Wayne Chrebet on a slant in front of CB Sam Madison for a gain of 14.

Pennington under threw Coles down the right sideline at the end of the first quarter, and still needs some work on his deep passes. He also overthrew Chrebet down the middle in the fourth quarter, but he led the Jets to this huge win, and that is the bottom line.


Running Back:


Curtis Martin tweaked his bad ankle, but still managed to rush for a hard-fought 74 yards on 19 carries. He got off to a slow start, gaining one and then zero yards on his two carries on the first drive.

Chad Morton drew a holding penalty on S Arturo Freeman on the Jets scoring drive at the end of the half.

Lamont Jordan did some nifty running in traffic on the Jets last scoring drive. He broke the tackle of S Arturo Freeman for a gain of seven. The final five were after the broken tackle.

Richie Anderson had a nice lead block on this play. Anderson also beat LB Derrick Rogers for an important eight-yard reception and a first down on the final scoring drive.

 Tight End:


Chris Baker led the way on Curtis Martin's first quarter touchdown, crushing a safety on the play. Anthony Becht also had a key block on the play.


Wide Receiver:


Laveranues Coles continues to haunt the Dolphins.

He beat CB Patrick Surtain and S Brock Marion for an important 42-yard gain down the middle on the final scoring drive.

Coles beat CB Sam Madison on the Jets first offensive play for a gain of 11. Then on the next play, he beat nickel back Jamar Fletcher for a gain of 14. Coles broke a tackle on Madison on a second quarter screen to turn a loss into a six year gain. He also drew a pass interference penalty on Madison in the second quarter.

Santana Moss lost four yards on a screen pass in the second quarter (poor blocking) and had a drop in the third quarter. He might have slipped on the wet field on the drop, so you might want to cut him some slack. Moss had an important gain of 11 on the final scoring drive.

Wayne Chrebet beat S Arturo Freeman for a gain of 16 on the sideline at the end of the first half, and beat Madison on a 14-years slant.


 Offensive Line:


It was the first game this year that the offensive line did not allow a sack. They played a terrific game.

Kevin Mawae had two good blocks on one drive in the first quarter. He leveled Jermaine Haley on a Curtis Martin gain of seven up the middle. Then two plays later he led the way on Richie Anderson's pitch to Martin that gained eighteen. He had a nice block on safety Brock Marion on the play. Mawae had a key block on Martin's first quarter touchdown, knocking linebacker Morlon Greenwood out of the way.

T Jason Fabini had a nice block on DE Jason Taylor on Martin's gain of 12 off-tackle in the second quarter.

J.P. Machado led the way on a key third and one scramble for a first down by Pennington on the second quarter scoring drive (field goal).


Defensive Line:


The defensive line continues to improve.

Shaun Ellis had a terrific game, stopping RB Ricky Williams for losses of two and a no gain in the first quarter.

Ellis stopped Williams for a loss of one on the first drive of the second half.

Two plays later, he jumped inside and Williams ran outside on him.

A John Abraham pressure helped end a Dolphins drive and forced them to kick their second quarter field goal. Abraham had a sack at the beginning of the fourth quarter, beating T Mark Dixon soundly for a loss of seven. Abraham had another sack a few plays later on a scrambling Ray Lucas and caused a fumble that the Dolphins recovered.

Jason Ferguson was active in run support with six tackles. He had an off-sides penalty in the third quarter.

Josh Evans showed great hustle, tracking down Williams on a pass for five over the middle. Evans blew by G Jamie Nails to stop Williams for a loss of two in the second quarter.

Larry Webster was called for illegal hands to the face, and that brought back a Donnie Abraham pick.





Sam Cowart had a solid game. He stopped Ricky Williams for losses of six and three in the first quarter. Cowart broke up a pass to TE Randy McMicheal to force the Dolphins second quarter field goal, but McMicheal beat him for a gain of nine on the first play of the second half. A few plays later, TE Jed Weaver beat Cowart for a gain of 24.

Cowart tipped a pass on a blitz in the fourth quarter.

Marvin Jones was active in run support, and had the biggest play of the game when he forced Williams to fumble on the two-yard line in the third quarter.

WR James McKnight had a gain of 25 in the second in Marvin Jones' area, and WR Chris Chambers caught a touchdown with Jones in the area as well. That play was overturned, but why is Jones involved in covering these two 4.4 receivers anyway?

McKnight beats James Darling on a crossing route for a gain of 27 in the third. Darling had a great play in the fourth quarter, with a diving breakup on a pass to McMichael to end a drive.




Even though Ray Lucas had a 104.3 quarterback rating, the secondary made a lot of key plays.

Donnie Abraham broke up a pass to WR Chris Chambers to end the Dolphins first drive. It was almost a pick. He had a near pick on the second drive as well. Then on the third drive he picked off a telegraphed pass, but it was called back because of a Larry Webster penalty. Abraham had a key pass breakup on the last drive.

Ray Mickens recovered a fumbled handoff to RB Robert Edwards. WR Dedric Ward beat Mickens on the Dolphins last drive on a crossing route for l1. Two plays later he sacked Lucas on a blitz,

Damien Robinson crushed Lucas, who was scrambling on a play to end a second quarter drive.

Aaron Beasley had a real nice pass defensed in the third on WR James McKnight, and broke up a pass to Chambers to ice the Jets win.

FB Rob Konrad beat Sam Garnes for a third quarter touchdown.


Special Teams

On the opening kickoff, Chad Morton flipped the ball to Jon McGraw and the safety gained an extra 10 yards.

Matt Turk's punt at the end of the first quarter is one he'd want back. It went for 27 yards. He punted better as the game went on and finished with a 41.1 average.

Jason Glenn was called for unsportsmanlike conduct on a kickoff in the second quarter.

Morton had an impressive play in the second quarter when he caught a Turk punt in the air and downed it on the nine in the second quarter.

Nick Ferguson had a nice stop on the second half kickoff.

McGraw was called for being illegally down field on a punt in the fourth quarter.

Morton got called for holding on a fourth quarter punt, which put the Jets on the eight yard line.





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