Tannenbaum updates the Baker situation

Jets starting tight end Chris Baker bolted from the team's workout program about a month ago, disgusted with his current contract. If he doesn't get a new deal, he wants to be traded. Here is Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum on the situation.

Q)Mike, what is the latest on the Chris Baker situation?

Tannenbaum: Chris is on the team. He'll be here. Chris has done a lot of good things for us in the past. We expect him to have a good 2008 season.

Q)What does the drafting of Keller say about Baker's status with the team?

Tannenbaum: I was really just sticking to the value of the board. Again we felt like we had to go back up to get him, so we moved up those seven spots to do so. Bubba Franks, Chris, and also Dustin, those guys will be used in Coach (Brian) Schottenheimer's offense. His track record has shown he's used multiple tight ends.

Q)Do you expect Chris to holdout of training camp?

Tannenbaum: We expect Chris to be here for all the mandatory events, be it mini-camp or training camp. You would have to ask him about his intentions, but that's what we expect.

Q)Are you willing to redo Baker's contract?

Tannenbaum: This is not something we would talk about publicly.

Q)What are your thoughts on Baker's request to be traded?

Tannenbaum: Chris will be on our team this year.

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