Complex "D" at OSU helps VG on next level

Q)What is the toughest part of your transition to the NFL?

Gholston: Just learning a new system. Everything is different. Of course, playing at a pro level is different. The biggest thing is learning the system, learning the plays and getting adjusted to this new system.

Q)What was your goal at minicamp?

Gholston: Just to learn the system. The thing is to just learn and grow and to take everything you can from this.

Q)What are your thoughts on some reporters saying you will be a boom or a bust as a professional?

Gholston: Idon't worry about it too much. I don't get into that. I do what I can do and control what I can control. The biggest thing I'll do is to work hard, keep grinding away and hopefully I'll show them up.

Q)What are your goals for your rookie season?

Gholston: I was a first pick, but you still have to put your work in. If anything, you're expecting more. Just work hard, get adjusted to the guys, to the system and hopefully be able to contribute.

Q)How will playing in multiple defenses in college help prepare you for the NFL?

Gholston: It helped a lot. Just the mental capacity of the pro level was what we had at Ohio State. Also, I stood on my feet sometimes and that's what I'm doing here. It helped me adjust to that (playing linebacker), something that is not new to me.

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