The Jets potential secret weapon

There was a lot of talk prior to the draft about the Jets interest in Arkansas running back Darren McFadden, but he was gone before they picked. The Jets never got around to picking a tailback. But they did add an undrafted free agent who brings a lot to the table, and could fill a big need for them.

A weakness for the Jets last year was their short yardage and goal-line running game. So the signing of Michigan State's 6-0, 254 pound tailback Jehuu Caulcrick, as an undrafted free agent, could turn out a nice move by the Jets.

For the Spartans, the massive runner was a major weapon in short yardage situations. His 39 rushing TDs are second-best all-time at MSU, four behind Lorenzo White's record 43. This past season alone he set a Michigan State record with 21 rushing touchdowns. He had four rushing touchdowns in the first half alone against UAB. He is described by a Michigan State publicist as "a Jerome Bettis-type running back."

The Michigan State athletic department claims he once ran a 4.41 forty, which is pretty remarkable for a back his size. Most accounts have him in the 4.6 area.

Some of his positive attributes include his ability to consistently break arm tackles and his good vision. On the downside, while he's huge, he doesn't seem to play with a mean-streak and he runs high.

The reason he probably wasn't drafted is because he's considered a tweaner. He's probably not quick enough to be an every down back on the next level, and he doesn't have a lot of experience as a fullback, a position you would expect him to play on the next level at his size.

But if you bring him in, and let him focus on being a short-yardage back, and special teams player (which he has a lot of experience), there could be a role for him in the NFL. Perhaps he could turn into a Christian Okoye-type back.

Caulcrick, like Okoye, is from Africa. Caulcrick fled war-torn Liberia as a child.

And a move to linebacker might not be out of the question. He does have past experience at the position, and has the build for a 3-4 ILB.

It will be interesting to see how this very intriguing prospect pans out.

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