A condensed version of Clemens presser

Q)Do you believe you are the number one quarterback right now?

Clemens: It's been clearly communicated, there's a quarterback controversy right now, an awesome competition, which is going make Chad (Pennington) better, it's going make myself better, and in turn it's going to make the team better.

Q)Is it a competition or controversy?

Clemens: I used the wrong word on that. It's competition. Some people will try to make it a controversy between Chad and I; it's a friendly competition.

Q)How have you improved in the offseason?

I went back and reviewed the taped from last year, fortunately I had some actual live bullets to look at and see the areas where I needed some improvement. One of those was footwork, continued accuracy.

Q)How will the off-season additions on the offensive line help the quarterbacks?

Clemens: I credit Mr. Tannenbaum and Coach Mangini in the offseason. They went out and, speaking specifically to the front five, got two very good players in Alan Faneca and Damien Woody, guys that are really going to help. The addition of Coach Callahan is going to help as well, he is a fantastic coach.

Q)What did you learn about yourself last year as a starter?

Clemens: The main thing that I took away from it was the confidence that I could make the plays, I could make the throws, now going into this year you look for more consistency.

Q)How do you feel about your performance last year?

Clemens: There were positives and there were negatives. There were things to build upon, some good plays, good throws, good games. But there are also things that I need to work on. The good news is that I was able to evaluate myself going against live bullets, as opposed to last offseason I had a couple scattered plays here and there so I think that critique is a lot more accurate this offseason than it was.

Q)What is your relationship like with Chad now that you are competing with him for the job?

Clemens: I'm very fortunate to be competing with a like Chad, it makes what could potentially be a very hostile environment and a hostile relationship, awesome. He's a phenomenal guy.

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