No extra money, but plays being sent to Baker

Tight end Chris Baker wants a new contract. The team doesn't seem willing to give him one. But they are willing to mail him new plays during his boycott of the team's off-season program.

"I've talked to Chris, and one of the things that's been important to Chris and I is that he stay current on the information," said Jets coach Eric Mangini. "What we've been focusing on is getting him the new information, making sure that he's up to date and giving him all the resources that he needs to be successful when he is here."

Why is Mangini sending a player who wants to be traded (if he doesn't get a new deal), playbook information? Isn't that a little risky, sending out that kind of info to a player who wants out?

"Chris is a member of the team, and being a member of the team he'll be here for the things that he needs to be here for and will continue to work on the football side of things," said Mangini. "That's really what I've been focusing on, making sure that Chris has all the resources to be successful when he is here."

You get the feeling that this gesture, keeping Baker plugged into the new playbook, isn't giving the tight end a "warm and fuzzy" feeling about the organization.

Aside from sending Baker additions to the playbook, Mangini also sent him some compliments.

"I like the things that he's done," said Mangini. "I like the progress that he's made over the course of time that I've been here."

Mangini expects Baker at June's mandatory mini-camp.

"Everybody who is on the team is required to come to the mandatory mini­camp, and that's my expectation of Chris," said Mangini.

And this is realistic expectation. Baker isn't making much money, in football terms, right now, so it would be surprising if he's willing to pay the hefty fines he would incur if he skips mandatory mini-camp.

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