The Amazing - Danny Woodhead

Chadron State running back Danny Woodhead isn't just a feel good Jets training camp story.

When a running back rushes for the most yards in NCAA history (for all levels), he isn't a just training camp fodder.

When a running back wins the Harlon Hill Award (best Division II player) - twice, he's more than just training camp fodder.

When a running back runs a 4.38 forty, he's not just training camp fodder.

When you play below the Division 1 level of college football, NFL scouts want to see you dominate. You can't be just average. To say Woodhead dominated Division II would be an understatement.

He was also dominant in high school - winning the Nebraska's Gatorade Player of the Year Award in the state. But because of his size, the Division One teams didn't come calling, so he went to Chadron State. We will have to ask Bill Callahan why Nebraska didn't want him.

Woodhead was unstoppable over his four-year career, rushing for an NCAA career all-divisions record 7,962 yards.

"That is hard to do," said Jets coach Eric Mangini about Woodhead's amazing production.

While Woodhead is short (a little under 5-8), he's almost 200 pounds, so he's not small. And when you combine his lower center of gravity with his great speed (reportedly once ran a 4.33), balance and vision, there might be a place for him on the next level.

One thing he needs to work on is ball security. He had some fumbling issues in college. He also needs to get stronger.

If he can improve in those two areas, this guy could be very tough to cut.

Or could carve a niche for himself on the practice squad.

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