5 Questions with Shaun Ellis

It doesn't necessarily show up in the stats, but Shaun Ellis has been a consistent player this season and is getting rave reviews from the coaching staff. The defensive end talks about rebounding from a disappointing 2001 season.

Q: Ted Cottrell was saying how, even though you haven't been getting sacks, you've been pretty dominant in recent weeks. Do you feel like that as well, even though your stats haven't been there?


Ellis: Well, you want the sack and I haven't been getting them. I'm just trying to put pressure on [the QB] and focus on the run. That's been our success lately, focusing on the run.


Q: Herm said you were a totally different player than you were last year. What do you attribute that to?


Ellis: I think mainly it's my focus this season. Last season I got off to a rough start making the transition from tackle to end. And the weight. This off-season I got into shape and lost weight, and it's paying off.


Q: Coming into this season, what were the goals you set for yourself?


Ellis: I had a bad taste in my mouth from last season. My main focus is on my overall game. Just being consistent on the run and the pass and just elevating my game. I feel like I got a lot of room for improvement and I can get better.


Q: Herm talked about how you've seemed to have perfected the bull rush? Has that become your signature move?


Ellis: I wouldn't say it's my key move. I'm blessed with a lot of power in my upper body and sometimes I can get up under the tackles a little bit and push them back. I try to use that to the best of my ability on the pass rush.


Q: Can you talk about the confidence in this group after beating teams like San Diego and Miami?


Ellis: I think we lost a little bit of that earlier in the year when teams were running on us and we got blown out a couple of times. I think now our confidence is way up and players believe in one another. We're going out there every week with the mindset that we have to get the job done and get the win.



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