Clemens throws a beaut to Coles - 50 yards

At Thursday's practice, Kellen Clemens threw an impressive 50-yard fly pattern to Laveranues Coles. It was a tremendous throw. This play received a lot of media attention. However, while this throw was outstanding, it doesn't mean much in the team's on-going QB competition.

In fact, he could do this many more times in mini-camp and training camp, and it won't mean much.

Here is why -

We all know that Clemens has a great arm, much better than Chad Pennington's. We know he can throw it harder and further than #10. That isn't in question.

What is in question, is his pocket presence. He struggled in this area last year, and it's very hard to tell if this improved in mini-camp. There are no pads and no tackling. It's touch football.

Also, this seemed to be a one read throw to Coles. Clemens can make all the throws when he's asked to make one read. But there are some question about his ability to read defenses and get to his third and fourth reads.

J.P. Losman had his moments in Buffalo, when he was able to just chuck it down the field to speedster Lee Evans. But when he had to sit in the pocket and read defenses, he had trouble.

That's not say that Clemens is the next Losman, who was demoted in Buffalo.

But in order for Clemens to beat out Pennington for the starting quarterback job, he's going to have to display better pocket presence and read defenses better.

And this throw to Coles doesn't prove he can.

Though it was a heck of a throw.

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