"J-E-T-S against the world"

The Jets did it once again! In the bitter rivalry between the Jets/Dolphins, they came through when it mattered most, and left the fish with a firm "W" burned into their fins! We all know how the Dolphins blew out the Jets 30-3 back in Week 3, and there's NOTHING sweeter than payback! Especially when it's against those Dolphins. It sure does feel sweet.



The Jets Offense, Defense, and Special Teams all have one thing in common: Against The World. I know there are pretty fed up after all those weeks of being claimed they're nothing more than quitters. If you add up all that emotion, all of that fire, you'll get the main reason why the Jets blew out the Chargers, and edged out a win against the Dolphins. They're playing every game as if it were against the world, I for one love it! Sometimes you need that mentality to motivate you to just go out onto the field and do your absolute best.


Although it seems a bit conservative, the Jets Offense is putting points up, which I guess means it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to certain plays. I know many are worried about RB Curtis Martin and his lingering ankle injury, but he's a hard worker, and he still gives it all he's got. "Mr. Third Down" Wayne Chrebet hasn't seen many passes thrown his way, but I wouldn't worry. Chrebet is and will ALWAYS be considered a major threat and target for QB Chad Pennington.


The Jets Defense have been playing MUCH more aggressive lately, which I think is contributing to the way Defensive Coordinator Ted Cottrell formulates his gameplan. I believe the Jets/Chargers as well as the Jets/Dolphins game had a similar gameplan: STOP the running back. In both games, the Jets Defense were able to control two high quality RB's, which speaks tremendously. Our Defensive Line is getting lots of pressure to the QB (In both games the Jets had at least one sack!) and our secondary has already started to key in on vital, potentially game winning interceptions.


What can I say about the Jets Special Teams? It may very well be THE BEST Special Teams in the NFL. With Chad Morton returning Kickoff Returns and Santana Moss returning Punt Returns, both men are able to bring it all the way! That's another dimension added to the Jets, basically they're a 3-D team. All aspects of the Jets are in full gear.


Overall, the Jets are in good shape to make a run to the Playoffs. It won't be easy, but then again, what is when it comes to the NFL? Congrats by the way to the NY Jets (and I guess the Miami Dolphins too) for the October 2000 "Monday Night Football" dubbed as the Midnight Miracle which was voted by the Fans to be THE BEST MNF game ever! That was just icing on the cake right after the Jets sealed the Jets/Dolphins victory the night before Monday. Speaking of cake, I hope Vinny Testaverde had fun blowing out his candles on Wednesday, since it was his 39th Birthday. Happy Birthday Vinny!!!


Finally, continue to support our beloved Jets. They're just a single game behind the rest of the AFC East in being in first place. Maybe it's a sign from God that this may have very well been the Season we all had wanted since the start. Just keep on hoping, keep on praying, and most of all, keep on believing.



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