Stop the insanity

Once again, we hear reports about poor Chad Pennington throws in OTA's. Please spare me.

We all know that Kellen Clemens has a better arm than Pennington.

That isn't debatable. Most of his passes are going to look more impressive than Pennington's from a velocity standpoint.

"In one seven-on-seven drill sequence, the veteran bounced a 12-yard out to Paul Raymond, came up short on a 20-yard out to David Ball and overthrew Laveranues Coles on a sideline "go" route," wrote Erik "Warsaw" Boland on on Wednesday. "Later, David Clowney made a nice adjustment on an underthrown Pennington pass down the left sideline."

No doubt these assessments are accurate. But these are spring practices, opportunites to get the kinks out, and develop chemistry with new targets.

Pennington has very little experience throwing to Ball and Clowney.

And the fact that he overthrew Coles down field, perhaps that is a good thing. After all, people are constantly blasting Pennington about his arm strength.

And remember one thing about these sessions - there is no tackling, and that means no sacks.

We know Clemens has a great arm, but his problems last season were mostly related to pocket presence and field vision.

And on two plays in a row at Thursday's practice, Clemens took off running when he felt pressure. This can't be a good sign, but we aren't going to rip him for this because, once again, these practices are like early dress rehearsals on Broadway. Everyone is still getting their lines down.

Take all OTA and mini-camp assessments with a pound of salt.

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