Expect Kendall Part II at Jets mini-camp

It looks like history might repeat itself on Thursday at the Jets mandatory mini-camp.

Last year, disgruntled guard Pete Kendall showed up and blasted the team's management over his contract.

This year, expect a similar approach from dismayed tight end Chris Baker, who wants a new deal.

Baker has boycotted most of the team's off-season workouts, just like Kendall did last year. Baker and Kendall are both represented by the same agency.

The Kendall approach of non-stop blasting of the team in the media eventually got him traded to Washington(where he got the money he wanted).

So expect the agency to advise Baker to take the same approach - verbally shoot his way out of Hempstead.

And this campaign will start in earnest on Thursday.

Baker is in the third year of a four-year contract that averages $1.65 million a season. He has repeatedly claimed that Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum essentially told him that he has outplayed is contract.

"They said go out and have a good year and we will talk," Baker told Sirius NFL Radio. "I did my part, and they haven't done their part."

Jets brass disputes this claim. They will tell you no such promise was made.

Baker is livid at the team now, and expect him to be candid about his feelings at the mini-camp (June 5-7).

If the Jets aren't willing to improve his contract, Baker says he wants to be traded.

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