Baker sounds off

Chris Baker isn't the kind of guy to shoot his mouth off. But now he feels he has no choice.

"I didn't want it to get to this level," said Baker about his nasty contract dispute with the team.

Baker looks like he is going down the same road as Pete Kendall - blast the team in the media until you force a trade.

And in fact, Baker's most controversial remark on Thursday might have been about the Kendall contract fiasco and then trade from last year.

"It was ridiculous and basically tanked the season last year," said Baker. "To take your starting left guard and trade him and not have a back plan, it effected the team."

Baker is livid at the team over his current deal. He's in the third year of a four year contract that averages $1.65 per season.

"I'm just not happy at all," said Baker. "It's about being fairly compensated. That is what it's all about."

Baker claims Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum told his former agent (Cliff Brady), a year ago, that the tight end is underpaid. If he doesn't get a new contract, Baker doesn't think he will play for the team this year.

"If things stay the same, I don't see that," said Baker.

He intimidated his effort might not be as good under his current deal.

"If I'm not happy, I don't think anyone is going to be happy," said Baker.

Baker also said the Tannenbaum told him again to go out and have a good season this year, and they can talk about a new deal after the season.

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