Baker analysis - what is going on here?

Chris Baker sat out both mini-camp practices on Friday. The team is saying he tweaked his back. But it's probably more because Baker wants the team to tweak his bank account. What is management thinking about Baker's verbal assault on them over the last two days?

From what I can gather, what bothers the Jets brass the most is that Baker is painting them as "liars."

That is an ugly word, and Mike Tannenbaum and company feel they are innocent of the charge.

Baker has said repeatedly, over the last two days, that Tannenbaum told his former agent, Cliff Brady, about a year ago, that the organization would re-visit the player's contract in 2008, if he had a good season.

Baker feels he went out and had a good season, but the team now refuses to re-visit his contract situation.

The team's position is they did re-visit his contract status this off-season, and they've decided to honor his current deal. So in their minds, they didn't go back on their promise to re-visit the situation. They re-visited it, and decided to do nothing.

Baker's problem here is simple - bad timing. He probably does deserve more money, but he's in the third year of four-year deal that wasn't a great contract.

And that is why he fired Brady and replaced him with the Jonathan Feinsod.

Baker and Brady probably made a big mistake in 2006. Remember Baker broke his ankle during the 2005 season. So when he entered free agency in 2006, he was still on crutches, and there wasn't much of a market for him.

So he re-signed with the Jets, getting a four-year deal for $6.6 million.

In retrospect, Baker thinks Brady gave him poor advice. Since he was coming off a bad injury, he should have signed a one-year deal, gone out and had a good year, and then re-entered free agency in 2007.

Baker feels he was young and naive at the time, and his agent gave him bad advice.

So now he's hoping that Feinsod can fix a deal that Baker hates.

But right now, it doesn't look like Tannenbaum is going to budge on this one.

So it looks like Baker is following the Pete Kendall blueprint for getting a new deal or forcing a trade - rip management non-stop, and refuse to practice because of "injuries."

This approach eventually forced the Jets to trade Kendall to Washington last summer. And the Redskins then gave Kendall the money he was looking for.

We will find out this summer, in training camp, if the Kendall strategy is going to work for Baker. Mini-camp was just the start of Baker's public campaign to get a new deal. Just like it was the start of Kendall's last year.

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