Feinsod gets sarcastic

The agent for dismayed tight end Chris Baker said the following about the player being fined recently for missing a treatment for his "back" injury -

"Chris was fined for allegedly missing a treatment session, just like Pete Kendall allegedly was put in the rookie dorm," Jon Feinsold told Rich Cimini.

Feinsod's agency represents both Kendall and Baker. Kendall, who ripped the organization over his contract last year, was put in the rookie dorm at the beginning of training camp. This seemed like a petty act by Jets coach Eric Mangini to get back at the guard, who was eventually traded.

But if Baker, who is disgruntled over his contract, missed a scheduled treatment at mini-camp for his back ailment, he should be fined.

The rules are the rules.

Feinsod is representing Baker right now, and perhaps should leave Kendall out of this current situation.

It's quite apparent that Feinsod and Baker are amping up the negative rhetoric to get the player traded, so he can get the money he desires elsewhere.

And this Feinsod quote is the latest example.

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