Q-and-A with Vern Gholston

Q)How much catching up do you have to do after missing some of the spring practices?

Gholston: I have a lot of catching up to do. The first time I walk in there I barely knew any guys. I am just trying to get adjusted to the guys and know what is going on. It's a big learning curve, but that is what comes with the job.

Q)Do you think the NCAA rule is ridiculous that keeps you from practicing?

Gholston: I can understand it from a certain standpoint in terms of if you're in school and trying to get your degree.

Q)What were your days like in Columbus prior to being allowed to join the Jets?

Gholston: A lot of me was just handling off the field concerns or issues. Closing my apartment up there and trying to find a place down here. I was taking care of different situations. Some days I was up in New Jersey looking for a place and other days I was in Columbus.

Q)Do you feel overwhelmed at times?

Gholston: You could say that. Obviously, it's the NFL and I knew from the beginning the playbook was going to be thick. I have to make adjustments and I expected it, but at the same time I felt overwhelmed with it.

Q)Do you have extra study sessions planned with coach (Jim) Herrmann?

Gholston: He and I will probably try to get together and study as much we can. I will probably be studying every minute to get caught up.

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