Pennington speaks

Q)What was your mindset on the practice field at mini-camp?

Pennington: As a competitor any time you step out on to the field you are trying to compete, score and play well. It's about taking pride in your position and being a professional, not letting the little things slip away. It's about concentrating on the little things and being good at them.

Q)What do you think of the Chris Baker situation?

Pennington: There are two sides of the NFL. There is the football side and there is the business side. When you step outside the white lines, we are businessmen and we have to make our own business decisions for ourselves and our families.

Q)When a player is angry about his contract, how does that come across on the practice field?

Pennington: I think there is a mutual respect across the board that when we are between the white lines we are a team, we are doing whatever we need to do to help us win and outside you have to do what you have to do.

Q)What are your early thoughts on the draft picks?

Pennington: It's always exciting to get new faces each year, especially with the draft and free agent guys trying to make the team. I remember when I was a rookie-you just put your head down and don't look up a lot. You don't say too much. You can ask all the questions, just trying to learn, but don't give any answers, just keep your mouth shut.

(This was Pennington's last interview before training camp. According to an NFL source, the team won't allow him to do any interviews between mini-camp and training camp.)

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