Interview with Tannenbaum on Baker

Q)Do you think the Chris Baker situation will turn out like Pete Kendall's?

Tannenbaum: Chris is under contract. We expect him to be here this season. As in the past we expect him to play well and help us during the 2008 season.

Q)What do you think of his comments blasting you?

Tannenbaum: Obviously, I've been made aware of what he said, but he's under contract for the season and we expect him to be here.

Q)What is your reaction to Baker saying his agent was promised that Chris' contract would be revisited if he had a good year?

Tannenbaum: I'm assuming you're referring to his former agent, Cliff Brady. I had a number of conversations with Cliff last year and I'm comfortable with those conversations we had and I think Chris and I just have a difference of opinion about those conversations last year with Cliff.

Q)What is the difference opinion?

Tannenbaum: I would just say based on my understandings of what Chris said and the conversations I've had with Chris's agent last year Cliff Brady, I was part of those conversations; I know what was said so I think Chris and I have a difference of opinion about those conversations. Chris and I have a difference of opinion of what Cliff and I discussed.

Q)Is this situation risky based on how the Kendall situation worked out?

Tannenbaum: I think that Chris could do a lot of good things for us. He can help us. He had a good year last year. We expect Chris to help us this year like he has in the past. I'm glad he's on our team. That's why when he went to free agency and visited three other teams I was glad we were able to sign him to a four-year contract.

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