Mike Tannenbaum - Part II

Q)Mike, what is your reaction to Chris Baker saying the team "tanked" the 2007 season by trading Pete Kendall?

Tannenbaum: Every year is so unique, you win as a team and you lose as a team.

Q)So the Kendall trade has nothing to do with the bad season?

Tannenbaum: There were a lot of reasons we won 10 games the year before that and a lot of reasons we only won four games in 2007.

Q)What are your thoughts on the Baker situation overshadowing all the off-season moves?

Tannenbaum: It kind of comes with the territory of dealing with these issues in the NFL. Again, do you like when they happen? No. It's part of the process and we see it happen around the league.

My view of the world is, communication is the best way to try to proactively deal with these issues as best you can. My door is open, I talk to the players all the time, I'm always on the phone with agents, and I think when you sit in this seat that is a large part of the job. Is everyone going to be perfectly happy every year? No. But you try to make as many people as reasonably satisfied as you can.

Q)You re-worked a few contracts over the last year that were in the middle of the deals. How do you decide which players to do that with?

Tannenbaum: I think the nuances and the complexities with the salary cap dictate how we're going to handle each situation. We try to be as consistent as possible but we do look at each situation on a case-by-case basis.

Q)What did you think of Chris Baker saying he will be the third highest paid tight end on the team?

Tannebaum: I think the complexities of the salary cap make all of these judgments very subjective. Again, I'm happy he's here. He signed a four-year contract. He'll be here this year. I'm glad he's on our team.

Q)Are you concerned with the Baker situation being a distraction this summer?

Tannenbaum: Our guys are certainly entitled to their own opinions. Again, I think the best thing we can do, Eric (Mangini) and I, is have good communication and talk to the players. In my case, talk to the agents and try to deal with these issues as proactively as possible. Obviously, in Chris's situation we'll continue to have dialogue. I'm sure with his agents. I'm sure pretty regularly.

Q)Have you hd a chance to sit down with Chris personally?

Tannenbaum: We had an extensive conversation a couple of months ago. He came into my office. We talked for quite a while. Then I had a brief conversation with him (during mini-camp), and shook his hand. Beyond that, typically those discussions happen with their agents.

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