Is Woody worth more than Baker?

Q)How was your lunch meeting with Chris Baker recently?

Mangini: Besides an opportunity to get out of the building and have lunch, it was an opportunity to keep him up­to­date with what we are doing. (To let him know) he had all the resources available and that I could help him as much as possible while he wasn't here. That's really what my goal was in getting together.

Q)Could you intervene in Baker's contract issue?

Mangini: Mike (Tannenbaum) does a great job with contracts, that whole department does. I'm perfectly happy with the way that he handles all of those things. He's been doing it a long time. So I'm pretty confident in Mike.

Q)Could you go in to Mike and ask him to resolve Baker's contract issue?

Mangini: Mike doesn't come in and say, ‘hey, run the ball in when you're on the one­ yard line.' He's confident in me to make those decisions. I'm confident in him to make the contract­ related decisions. Obviously, we talk about things and give each other feedback and we have a great relationship. But I appreciate the fact that he doesn't do that to me, and I really don't do that to him either.

Q)Do you think Baker's injury at mini-camp was legitimate?

Mangini: I don't question any injuries.

Q)Are you worried the negative Baker situation is going to impact the whole team?

Mangini: I don't think one guy can affect the group. The concept of one situation affecting the course of a whole season - with the group of guys that we have, the group of coaches that we have, the way that those guys work, the consistent effort - it's just not a reality.

Q)Bryan Thomas makes $5 million a year, and Baker makes much less. Why is Thomas worth so much more?

Mangini: Every position is different. Every contract's different. Every negotiation's different. You can't compare one (to the other). I don't really think we have enough time (here) to go in and analyze all of the different positions and assign value because that's part of negotiations. It's based on where you are when you're a free agent and what the situation is. There is variable upon variable, and when you look at multiple positions, the variables just increase.

Q)Damien Woody is coming off an unsuccessful stint in Detroit and you guys gave him $5 million a year. What makes him so much more valuable than Baker?

Mangini: Like I said, it's variable upon variable, different situations, different people, different times.

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