Mangini on Gholston being behind

Q)Is Vernon Gholston going to get some extra tutoring between mini-camp and training camp to catch him up?

Mangini: We won't require him to stay up here to get in extra work, but I'm pretty sure he's buying a home in New Jersey and getting settled in there, so I'm sure he will be in the area. And even if he's not, we'll be able to do some things with him and have a way to communicate with him.

Q)How impressive is Gholston's physique?

Mangini: It's good to have someone on defense with comparable arms to Thomas Jones. They can go head­-to-­head in the weight room. We'll see what that looks like (smiles). He's going to have to roll up his sleeves like Thomas does.

Q)Was Gholston totally lost at the mini-camp?

Mangini: No, he didn't look totally lost. (It is) like the first few times I drove home to Garden City, I was on the right main street, I just missed my street to the house. It was that type of thing. He was on the road. He just missed a couple of turns.

Q)What do you think of the NCAA rules that prohibited Gholston from reporting to the team earlier?

Mangini: I'm sure the rationale was to keep the kids in school as long as possible and not give them an incentive to leave school early or to drop out and prepare for the Draft. I think it's a good rule. I think the more those guys can stay in school, the more they can complete their degree, the better off they are.

Q)But should that apply to junior's like Vernon?

Mangini: I think once you start making a lot of exceptions, there are so many universities, so many different scenarios, it's such a (huge) management issue to try to judge it case­-by-­case . . .

Q)Even though he wasn't here for much of the spring, was he able to study his playbook on his own?

Mangini: It's not like he was getting his Master's (at Ohio State). He had plenty of free time. In between "Judge Judy" and "Days of Our Lives", you can study. There are enough hours in the day regardless of how many curls you're going to do.

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