Lombardi thinks Jets should go after Favre

There are rumors circulating that former Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre wants to make a comeback, but not necessarily with the Packers. One NFL insider thinks the Jets should make a run at him.

Former NFL executive Mike Lombardi, who now writes for the Sports Illustrated website, was one of the reporters who broke the story about Favre possibly wanting to play again.

Lombardi, during an appearance on Sirius NFL Radio, with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan, was asked what teams should make a run at Favre. Gang Green was the first team that popped into his head.

"The Jets would be a good spot, they don't have a quarterback," said Lombardi.

It's highly unlikely the Jets will have interest in Favre.

But it's no secret they did have a major interest in him in the 1991 draft, but Atlanta beat them to the punch in the second round.

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