A conversation with Justin Miller

Q)Are you concerned that you might lose some of your 4.4 speed after hurting your knee?

Miller: No, I'm positive (I'm going to be fine). I worked hard. The doctors worked hard. We all worked together.

Q)What percentage are you physically?

Miller: That is something you will have to ask the doctors. The doctors could tell you better than I could. I'm just doing what they are telling me to do. Each day I'm trying to get a little better.

Q)How excited are you about the double kick return combination of you and Leon Washington?

Miller: I'm very excited. I watched all year what Leon did. I knew going into the year the talent that Leon possessed. We played against each other in college. We went back and forth. We both knew the talent each other had. I'm very excited to be back there with him.

Q)Is the mental part the toughest hurdle in coming over a serious injury?

Miller: I think it's just being confident. You have to go out on the field and play the game. Every day you have to be confident at corner. You have to have a short-term memory. Once it's over, it's over. That is the attitude I took with [the injury].

Q)How exciting is it for you to get back on the field?

Miller: If you have been in this game as long as any of us have, you'll understand it's always good to get reps and play with with a bunch of guys that you love to get around. It's very exciting.

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