5 Questions with Josh Evans

The defensive tackle talks about the week 12 showdown with the Buffalo Bills.

Q: Does Herm even need to say anything about the stakes this week with the Buffalo game?


Evans: Not really. Especially for the defense and the way we played in Detroit. We won the game, but we still didn't play like we should have. We had some let downs and it was good for us because it let us know we still have a long way to go. [Herm's] message was basically to stay focused, stay pissed off and continue to play hard.


Q: What about facing RB Travis Henry again? Are you guys looking to even the score from week one, when he had a big game?


Evans: Definitely. The first time we played them he shredded us for 150 something yards, and a couple of touchdowns. We're looking forward to going against him this time to at least avenge what he did against us. We won the game, but take away those two kickoff returns from Chad [Morton] and they would have beaten us. We just have to go out there and play a better game against a good team.


Q: This is more than just another game, given the team you're playing and the division race.


Evans: Yeah, this is a big game. I'm not going to sit here and make it seem like it's not. If we win this game we're right in the thick of things with the playoffs coming right down the road. We definitely want to get there. Plus [Buffalo] is in our division, and if we win we'll send them back a game and that's big for us.


Q: Travis Henry has had his problems with fumbling this season. Is that going to be an emphasis for the defense this week?


Evans: It's not going to be so much of an emphasis. The first time we played against him, we didn't tackle good. We got to go back to the basics and wrap him up because he's a powerful, strong, runner and we got to get him down. Hopefully in the process of hitting him we can make him turn the ball over.


Q: Drew Bledsoe's been sacked a lot this season, something like 39 times. Are you going to try to capitalize on that?


Evans: He's not the kind of quarterback that's going to run around. He's going to sit in the pocket, take his pounding, and try to complete the pass. He doesn't care about getting rushing yards, he's going to stay in the pocket. Hopefully we can capitalize on it. We did a pretty good job the first time we played against him.

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