Cat has Feinsod's tongue

Chris Baker's agent Jon Feinsod has been like a parrot the last few days. Every time he's asked a question, he responds, "No comment. No comment." We are considering throwing him a cracker.

On Monday, Feinsod was asked if Baker's placement on PUP was related to his contract dispute.

"No comment, no comment," Feinsod said.

When Jets Confidential asked Feinsod on Tuesday if the Jets put a gag order on him, his response, via e-mail was, "LOL, no."

LOL is an e-mail term for "Laugh out loud."

So we then asked Feinsod why he won't comment on Baker's current situation, he responded, "No comment."

We also asked Feinsod a couple of months if Mike Tannenbaum had put a gag order on the agent.

"I don't work for Mike Tannenbaum," Feinsod responded.

The reason we keep asking this question is because of Tannenbaum's background with Bill Parcells. "The Big Tuna" has always believed in telling agents to avoid talking to the media, or they risk hurting their client's bargaining position.

So we assumed Tannenbaum was doing the same thing with Feinsod.

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