Silver way off base

Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports wrote a piece on Wednesday ranking the NFL owners.

I hate to give such a foolish concept any publicity, but something he wrote about Mike Tannenbaum was a such a lie, I had to chime in about this ranking.

In ranking Jets owner Woody Johnson as the 18th best owner in the league, he had this line about Tannenbaum -

"Less visually appealing was the on-field product in 2007, which began with general manager Mike Tannenbaum doing the narc thing against Belichick and degenerated into a 4-12 mess of a campaign," wrote Silver.

What on earth is Silver talking about? I assume he is referencing "Spy-gate." And since this website broke the story, I can tell you categorically Tannenbaum had NOTHING to do with us getting the story. And Jets security chief Steve Yarnell was the person who busted the Patriots for spying on Gang Green, not Tannenbaum.

So Silver was way off on this one.

On one other thing about Silver's owner ranking. Considering he included quotes from some unnamed owners in his piece, do you think he's going to give those helpful individual's low rankings? Probably not.

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