Is something brewing with Favre?

It's no secret the Jets have an interest in Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre. The rumors continue to circulate at Jets camp.

According to a source with one of the major broadcast networks, the Jets could have some kind of big announcement this afternoon.

How does he know? Well a journalist, who was covering Jets camp this morning for that network, was told by his boss to stay at Jets camp the rest of the day. And he's getting paid a lot of money to do so.

The journalist was set to hit the road after Eric Mangini's press conference late Saturday morning.

But as he was driving away, his boss, a network official, told him to stay at Jets camp until 5 pm because the team was going to have a big announcement sometime this afternoon.

The journalist was told it was about Favre.

When I went to the Jets head publicist Bruce Speight for his response to his rumor, he was in a closed door meeting with Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum.

This meeting might not have been about anything related to Favre.

And a high-ranking Jets official says that he has heard nothing about a big announcement, and he doesn't know why the journalist was told to hang around.

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